Look for great deals week before Christmas

Expert: This week busier than Black Friday weekend

INDIANAPOLIS - Procrastinators who have put off their Christmas shopping may be in luck.

With one week until the big day, experts say great deals are flooding the retail market as stores try to get rid of inventory.

Richard Feinberg is a retail management professor at Purdue University. He says half of all shoppers wait until right about now to start buying gifts.

This week, especially this upcoming weekend, is the busiest time of the year for retailers -- even busier than Black Friday weekend.

The deals should not be hard to find.

"Buy one thing get six free, door-buster sales, we're open 24 hours, best sale ever, sale sale sale sale sale. I mean you're going to get a lot of that," Feinberg said.

Feinberg said retailers see it as a way to unload their extra holiday inventory to make room for spring items.

Consumers will help stores in that effort after Christmas too, when they redeem the season's most popular item -- gift cards.

"Christmas season actually goes into January. If gift cards are the number one item that consumers buy, and it is, then that's when they spend it. They spend it after Christmas," Feinberg said.

Feinberg expects holiday sales to be on par or just slightly better for retailers than last year.

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