Made in Indiana: Hoosier woman produces personal care products

Ambre Blends items sold in most U.S. states

INDIANAPOLIS - For years, Ambre Crockett made special aromatherapy and massage products for herself and for family and friends.

"I would go into the bathroom and blend an oil for them and hand write the label real quick and bring it out, and that's kind of how it got started," Crockett said.

Today, her Indiana-based company Ambre Blends is expanding rapidly.

From oils and soaps, to skin tonic and body creams, Ambre Blends offers a variety of products that are not only 100 percent natural, but are also made in Indiana, something in which Ambre and her employees take great pride.

"It's definitely something that, not just myself, but we're all proud of," said Production Manager Rebecca Fox. "You know we're a small company in Indiana and we put a lot of love and hard work into this stuff so, it's exciting."

Fox was a friend before she started working with Ambre. It's the same story for Steph Harris, whose job is to get stores to carry the Ambre Blends line.

"I generally touch on the fact of how we try to keep a lot of the dollar local," Harris said. "Our packaging is made in Illinois and our soapboxes are made in southern Indiana."
The products are unisex, but it's mostly women who work at Ambre Blends. Ambre's husband, Adam, is the exception.

Director of Operations Adam Crockett said the Ambre Blends products are already distributed in three quarters of U.S. states.

The small Broad Ripple-based company is moving to a larger space as it expands globally.

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