Madison County authorities investigate dogs left in cage on side of road

Concerned neighbors, groups working to help dogs

MARKLEVILLE, Ind. - The Madison County Humane Society and the Madison County Sheriff's Office are investigating after several dogs were found abandoned in a cage on the side of the road in poor conditions.

Concerned neighbors have rescued 10 dogs from an unoccupied Madison County house and are worried about the many others that were still left behind.

Officials at the humane society said they are looking into what can be done for the dogs that were left at the property off South 200 East near Markleville.

Shelter officials said one of the dogs had scars and another could not walk, there were also other signs of possible abuse.

With the county's ongoing dog fighting problem, shelters officials have expressed concern that the abandoned puppies could have been used as bait dogs.

Shelter leaders were worried because aside from being at full-capacity, they said often times the law is not on their side.

Madison County authorities are looking into complaints, but shelter leaders said unfortunately, it’s not against the law to leave a caged dog on the side of the road with food and water.

Jennifer Fesler rescued a dog Saturday from the property.

"I just think that God put animals on this earth for us to take care of, and whether I eat or not, they have to. I could not leave her in that cage," Fesler said. "She could not walk, she could not get to the water, there was water that had dirt and leaves in it, there was no food in the cage."

Neighbors said they took turns filling the empty water dishes and are now working to find homes for the dogs.

"To leave her out there knowing she's going to die and that's not a crime, people do this to people and they get sent away, but if it's a dog, it doesn't matter and to me that's not OK," Fesler said.

Ernie's Heart Pet Food Pantry is spreading awareness to help the dogs in need. Find out more information here .

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