Madison County community rallies for horse found shot, owner

1 horse killed; 1 horse recovering

MADISON COUNTY, Ind. - Days after two horses were found shot, one fatally, near Anderson, community members took the streets Sunday to raise money to help nurse the surviving animal back to health.

The horses' injuries were discovered Wednesday afternoon in their pasture in the 1500 block of West 60th Street, Anderson police said.

Lucy, a Tennessee walking palomino, was found dead. Her son, Sonny, of the same breed, was rushed to Purdue University's animal hospital in critical condition.

Owner Robert Stone is still reeling from the loss.

"I love my horses, and whoever done this, they took something from my heart," he said. "If they was trying to do, that they did it. "

Stone wasn't sure how he'd pay the rising veterinary costs, but that's when friend Amy Dillon stepped up with the idea of a charity horse ride and chili dinner Sunday.

She was one of the first on the scene the day the horses were found.

"It was one of the most horrific situations I've ever seen," she said of finding Lucy dead on the ground and Sonny still standing, but bleeding heavily. "With it being winter, we didn't know with all the hair on him that he was full of buckshot."

Detectives said they found shotgun shells and handgun bullet casings at the scene.

Those who took part in Sunday's ride said they wanted the community to come together in support of Stone.

"My heart goes out for him and his animals, and he is a good man," Bill Gilbert said. "He always has been a real good leader of the community."

Stone said he was overwhelmed by Sunday's showing.

"I want to tell them, 'Thank you,' and I love each and every one of them," he said.

Doctors said Sonny is healing well and could return home as soon as Tuesday.

Anyone with information about the shooting is asked to call Anderson police at 765-649-8310.

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