Man accused in $2K cancer-donation hoax may face more charges

Police: Jonathan Fox faked cancer for donations

SPEEDWAY, Ind. - A man accused of pretending to have cancer in order to scam three people out of donations may have allegedly taken advantage of more victims.

Speedway Police investigators said more people are stepping forward and they're naming 36-year-old Jonathan Fox as a suspect.  Fox told the donors that he was suffering from stage-four terminal cancer and that he was single father with four children. However, he was never diagnosed with the disease.

Christina Hufffines, 35, said she was married to Fox from October 2012 to April 2013. They've since divorced but she said he claimed to have cancer from the very beginning.

"Somebody needs to stop him.  Somebody needs to put a stop to this because he's taking money from so many people and hurt so many people," Huffines said. "The day of our wedding, his oldest daughter told him 'I just hope you live long enough to walk me down the aisle.'  My cousin cried like a baby when (his daughter) said that.  It was just so sad that his kids are thinking he's not going to be there much longer.  This could be our last Christmas.  This could be our last birthdays."

Right now, Fox is facing three counts of theft and according to court documents, he stole $2,400 dollars from three people, including $1,800 dollars from State Representative Karlee Macer. 

However, Huffines said those accusations were just the tip of the iceberg. She said Fox had his kids selling "fight cancer" bracelets and magnets. She also said that he held a fundraiser at the Speedway Moose Lodge, where he collected over $1,000 dollars in donations from silent auctions, T-shirts, and candle sales. 

Kasie Cranor said she donated more than $160 dollars to Fox's cause.

"I do believe he needs help. Psychologically, something has to be going on for you to mislead people for that period of time. To take money from people who don't have it to give, but because they are kind people, they are going to do whatever they can," Cranor said.

Fox is out of jail on a $10,000 bond.  RTV6 reporter Derrik Thomas left messages with Fox's attorney seeking comment, but our calls were not returned.

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