Man flashes privates to young girls at Greenfield playground

Man's vehicle matches car in Wayne Twp. flashings

GREENFIELD, Ind. - This week a man tried to lure two 11-year-old girls into his car right before exposing himself to them at a playground in Greenfield, police said. Interestingly, the man’s vehicle matched the suspect vehicle description of a case of flashing at Wayne Township last month.

The Greenfield Police Department said at roughly 3 p.m. Monday, two girls were playing on a playground on Switch Grass Drive when a white man parked across from the playground, exited the car and showed the girls a large amount of cash.

"The girls stated that he had a large amount of money and appeared to be counting it in front of them and kept staring at them. We believe he was there to entice the girls to his vehicle," Det. Nichole Gilbert with the Greenfield Police Department said.

The girls said the man was on the sidewalk near the playground, but they didn’t go up to him. They said the man went back to his car, put his money inside the vehicle and then turned around and walked back to the playground.

The girls said he then pulled down his pants and exposed himself. When the man went back to his car, the girls said they ran to an apartment to report the incident.

One of the girls’ mothers came outside and was able to catch a look at the man’s vehicle, and the girls were able to provide a description of the man to police. He was also seen by the victims at the apartment complex last Friday. Here are some details about the flasher:

  • Height: 5 feet 7 inches to 5 feet 11 inches
  • Was either bald or had very short hair
  • No facial hair
  • Wearing dark sunglasses
  • Car: Silver PT Cruiser with a white license plate, and one taillight out

RTV6 reported back in September on several cases of a man approaching women and teenagers in Wayne Township, trying to lure them into his car and exposing himself to them. Police have not confirmed this is the same man, however the suspect’s vehicle description in the Wayne Township cases matches the description of the man’s vehicle in this week’s Greenfield case.

Police detectives said they’re continuing their search for the man and are asking anyone with information to contact Detective Nichole Gilbert or Major Derek Towle at the police department at 317-477-4410.

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