Man rescued from icy pond last month looking forward to meeting rescuers

FISHERS, Ind. - A man was saved last month by good Samaritans after he passed out at the wheel and ended up in an icy pond. That was breaking news at the time -- and now to the rest of the story, from a man grateful to be alive and the woman who made it possible.

Six weeks after a life-changing event that could have ended his life, Ron Perry knows what happened with four simple words.

“It was a miracle,” Perry said.

Dec. 12 was a normal day for Perry, an employee of Hamilton Southeastern schools. But that would quickly change.

“They told me that my husband had been in an accident and that he went into a retention pond and that I needed to get to IU hospital," Ron’s wife, Jamie, said.

Ron had just left Hamilton Southeastern High School and was driving west on 126th Street when he lost consciousness. His car crossed the eastbound lanes, hit a curb and became partially submerged in a retention pond.

"I don't have a clue when it happened, how it happened or what caused it,” Ron said. “The doctors don't have a clue about what caused it."

He would later find out he had only a faint pulse when former Army medic Amber Ross and two other men -- upon seeing the wreck -- entered the frigid waters and pulled Ron to safety. Ross performed CPR until medics could arrive.

"I feel like what I did is what anyone would do if they were faced with a situation where someone needed help. Or at least I hope someone would be that way," Ross said.

Ron was in a coma for a week, Jamie never leaving his side. Now, he’s home and while he’s still recovering, he hopes to soon meet the woman who helped save him.

“I just want to wrap my arms around her and show my gratitude with her because every step made a difference," Ron said.

It could have ended that day, but instead, Ron was given a second chance because of three people who did the right thing at the right time.

Ross and the two men who helped save Ron will be honored Jan. 6 at the Fishers Town Hall.

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