Man says car was wrongly towed, faces steep towing charges

Car was towed after it slid into ditch

WESTFIELD, Ind. - A Hamilton County man is upset after he said his car was wrongly towed in the aftermath of Sunday's snowstorm.

It has become a common sight across Indiana – stranded vehicles covered with snow. Some of the cars have sat buried for days with owners unable to get them out.

Some people have been able to retrieve their vehicles, but others, like Justin Klooz, haven’t been so lucky.

Klooz, who lives in Cicero, said he became a victim of the snowstorm when he was driving to his parents' house after work.

His Jeep now sits in a tow yard in Westfield and he is facing steep towing charges.

He said his nightmare began while he was driving west on 267th Street near Devaney Road. Due to blizzard conditions, he couldn’t see the road and slid off into a ditch.

"We abandoned the vehicle with it locked, completely off the road, made sure of that, and then we continued on to my parents’ house," Klooz said.

He said he went back Tuesday with friends to pull the Jeep out of the ditch and to try to drive it home.

"It disappeared, not only did it disappear, but nobody knows where," Klooz said.

Klooz said he started making numerous phone calls to try and solve the mystery of the missing car.

"After calling Indiana State Police, nothing, then the sheriff's department, nothing," he said.

Klooz said he kept calling the Hamilton County Sheriff's Department.

"Eventually after calling back again to dispatch, they told me it had been towed, but they weren't sure about the tow yard that towed it," he said.

After some investigation, he found his car at a tow yard in Westfield. He said police told him the car was towed because it was on the roadway.

Klooz said it was not on the roadway and he feels scammed.

"I'm not sure why they towed it. I feel like they just swiped it out from under me and I was scammed for a profit," Klooz said.

Klooz said his insurance company didn't get the car because the county was restricting travel at the time to emergency vehicles only.

Klooz said all he wants is to get his car back. He hopes the tow company is willing to negotiate the price down.

He said he hasn't been able to work because he doesn't have use of his vehicle. He said he just wants his Jeep back so he can get back to work.

The Hamilton County Sheriff's Department said the vehicle was towed Wednesday, not Tuesday, and they said it was towed because county highway workers requested it to be removed so they could plow the area.

Police said they tried to contact Klooz to no avail.

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