Managers say safety comes before scares at haunted houses

More than 100 expected to operate across state

INDIANAPOLIS - Haunted houses need to be scary, but they also need to be safe.

With Halloween just around the corner, state inspectors are making their rounds to make sure your frightful visit is a safe one.

The state of Indiana requires haunted houses to be decorated with fire retardant materials and meet state minimums for door size and window openings. Haunted houses also must have the proper permits to operate. With more than 100 open across the state this month, inspectors have been busy.

The effort is much appreciated though -- especially by parents who view haunted houses as a safer alternative to door-to-door trick or treating.

"It makes me a little nervous to have them just walking up to strangers and asking them for things," said mother Lisa Stout.

Managers at Fright Manor said parents can rest assured that a lot of attention is put into making sure their haunted houses are just as safe as they are scary, in particular when it comes to fire prevention. Each haunted house has to get a thumbs-up from the state fire marshal on its lighting capacity and fire extinguishers, among other criteria, before the scares can begin.

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