Manti Te'o doing tough balancing act at NFL Scouting Combine

Te'o faced media to talk about hoax, football

INDIANAPOLIS - Manti Te'o wants everyone to know he's over the embarrassment of an online hoax, and he's ready to focus on football.

The Heisman Trophy runner-up acknowledged he could have done things to avoid a public spectacle. But he said if he was still embarrassed by it, he wouldn't have taken questions Saturday at the NFL's annual scouting combine.

Te'o spent 15 minutes speaking with members of the media answering questions about his professional dreams and his personal nightmare.

"They've all just wanted to know from me what the truth was, and they haven't really said anything about it affecting me. I'll briefly describe for 30 seconds and the next 14 minutes its just all plays and just getting down to business," Te'o said.

It was the largest group of reporters Te'o has faced since the story broke last month.

It has been about three months since Te'o said he first realized his girlfriend who he never met in person might be fake.

Since then, he and his family have dealt with public scrutiny and the media spotlight.

"It's definitely embarrassing. You're walking through grocery stores and you're kind of like, you know, give people double takes, you know, see if they are staring at you and it's definitely embarrassing," Te'o said. "I think the toughest moment, to be honest with you, was a phone call that I got from my sister and she told me that they had to sneak my own family in their own home because there were people parked out in the yard and stuff like that, and that had to be the hardest part."

Te'o met with the Texans and the Packers Saturday, and next week he said he is scheduled to meet with 18 other NFL teams.

More than 300 players, including Te'o, are in Indy this weekend to work out for NFL scouts.


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