Many defend Noblesville basketball coach after accusatory anonymous flyer passed out

Flyer calls for replacing Dave McCollough

NOBLESVILLE, Ind. - The Rutgers video has put out-of-control coaches in the national spotlight, and now a local high school coach is facing accusations from an anonymous letter sent out to the community.

The flyer sent all over Noblesville accuses basketball coach David McCollough of subjecting players to a demeaning and negative style and says players are expected to perform "slave labor."

Many people are coming to the coach's defense.

"Dave McCollough is more than a basketball coach," said Tricia Theisen, whose son played for McCollough before graduating two years ago.

Theisen said McCollough is a builder of character and she takes offense to the "cowardly" accusations.

"He treats these boys and makes them men," she said.

Theisen said she thinks the slave labor reference is about varsity players working at concession stands and summer camps.

"But when my son was in the second grade and he was going to these camps, the varsity players were doing the same thing," she said.

Noblesville Athletic Director Mike Hasch took to Twitter with a post saying, "Dear Sports, There's always a rt way of doin things. Hidin behind a ltr & ranting isnt one of them. #DontHide #LetsTalk Sincerely, Ex-Player".

Sports talk show host Dan Dakich also weighed in, calling out the author of the flyer for not signing it.

RTV6 attempted to contact McCollough Thursday night, but was not able to reach him.

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