Marion County prosecutors committed to trying 15-year-old charged in crime spree in adult court

Prosecutor: Teen 'beyond rehabilitation'

INDIANAPOLIS - Prosecutors are committed to trying a 15-year-old charged in a crime spree involving robberies, a fatal shooting, a chase and another shooting as an adult.

The boy made his initial appearance in juvenile court Thursday.

The 15-year-old and Sirquain Burr, 17, were arrested Feb. 13 after the younger boy crashed at 56th Street and Northfield Drive in Brownsburg at the end of a chase, the final act of a day of robbing and shooting, police said.

The teens are accused of killing John Yingling in the driveway of his home on Indianapolis' south side and shooting Rex Souter, who was walking his dog in a neighborhood, before the chase.

Burr was charged Tuesday with murder, attempted murder, robbery, attempted robbery, auto theft and carrying a handgun without a license.

Prosecutors want the 15-year-old waived to adult court as well.

"Given the heinous nature of these offenses -- we're dealing with murder, attempted murder, A felony robbery, B felony robbery -- this was a crime spree," said Deputy Prosecutor Peter Haughan. "This was a situation where people out in the public were put at risk, in danger. He's beyond the rehabilitation of the juvenile justice system."

The 15-year-old's attorney, Kenneth Riggins, disagrees, and asked the judge to order a psychological evaluation of his client.

"He's in tears. He's a 15-year-old. He's a teenager. This is terrible," he said. "He is crying for the loss of that life. Just looking at him, he is small, he's tiny.  Can he deal with this situation?  We don't know. That's why we are having a psychological evaluation."

Both teens have lengthy histories in the juvenile court system.

A hearing on the request for a psychological evaluation is set for March 8. It's unclear when the court will address the adult waiver issue.

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