Marion County Sheriff's Department embarrassed by escape of Brandy Majors

Woman gone 36 hours before escape discovered

INDIANAPOLIS - Though Brandy Majors was taken into custody Sunday, two days after her disappearance, the Marion County Sheriff's Department is still trying to figure out how it happened.

Majors, 32, of Brownsburg, was taken into custody at Fletcher Park on Sunday afternoon. A sheriff's department spokesperson said it's unclear why she went to the park.

Majors had apparently been gone for 36 hours before workers at the jail discovered she was missing.

Majors was being held on a warrant from Hendricks County on an auto theft charge after her arrest on Thursday.

"Ms. Majors was classified as a lower risk inmate and was moved from one facility to another and was able to integrate herself at some point with the movement of people who were at lower risk and due to be released," said Marion County sheriff's Maj. Michael Hubbs.

Once authorities discovered Majors was missing, the jail was locked down for several hours Saturday for a headcount of more than 1,000 inmates.

Investigators said overcrowding at the jail may have contributed to Majors' escape not being detected for so long.

Officials believe Majors escaped through one of two exits, a door on the south side of the building or through the front door.

The last escapee in Marion County was Cody Thurman, who walked away from work release in the fall of 2011. He got an extra two years in prison because of that escape.

Guards have foiled several other escape attempts, but Majors' disappearance is an embarrassment for the Marion County Sheriff's Department. An internal investigation has been launched.

"I'm confident that the sheriff will hand out discipline as necessary to any employee who, for some reason, contributed to her escape," Hubbs said.

Majors is expected to face a felony escape charge.

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