Mayor Ballard meets with local gang leaders

Meeting prompted by northeast-side violence

INDIANAPOLIS - City leaders say they are trying to find ways to curb violence across Indianapolis, and a private meeting with Mayor Greg Ballard and several area gang leaders was one step in that direction.

The Ten Point Coalition facilitated the meeting, after recent violent crime on the city's northeast side.

Rev. Charles Harrison was in the room, along with gang leaders in that area.

Harrison described the mood as open and respectful.

Ballard expressed concern for the rise in violent crime while gang leaders spoke of a broken system that makes it hard for them to do anything else.

"Some of the stuff they said I think was hard for us to hear," Harrison said. "If you didn't finish school, if you have some felonies against you, if you've been in and out of the judicial system, what real opportunities do you have to really get employment?"

Harrison said work is underway to guide these gang members to resources that can help them make a legal living.

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