Mayor Ballard vetoes measure that would hire additional police officers

Number of officers is lowest in 5 years

INDIANAPOLIS - Mayor Greg Ballard vetoed a measure on Thursday that would hire additional police officers.

Ballard returned the proposal that would take $6 million from the RebuildIndy fund to hire 60 additional officers.

“In the next few weeks, my team, led by Public Safety Director Troy Riggs and Police Chief Rick Hite, will release a plan to move 100 officers from desk jobs to the street in a responsible manner that will help reduce crime and does not add to our budget deficit,” Ballard said in a statement.

The mayor had said several times that he did not want to take money dedicated to rebuilding streets, sidewalks and infrastructure to fund personnel expenses.

The number of police officers has dropped to 1,559, the lowest number in five years.

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