Mayor Ballard welcomes gay, straight couples to renew vows

INDIANAPOLIS - Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard renewed the wedding vows of couples -- both gay and straight -- at a ceremony at Indianapolis City Market on Friday.

The event came a day after the state legislature ensured that voters would not have an opportunity to vote on a proposal to ban same-sex marriage in 2014.

"I've already said I'm not sure what the government interest is. That's what I truly believe. I was happy with what went down yesterday," Ballard said.

The move means that voters will not be able to decide on a proposed ban on same-sex marriage for at least two years.

"It is a divisive, unnecessary move to enshrine discrimination into our constitution. It’s in its final moments.  We are obviously happy about that," City-County Councilman Zach Adamson said.

Adamson and his partner, Christian Mosburg, were legally married in Washington, D.C. last October. They know their marriage is not recognized in Indiana, but they believe the future now holds promise.

"The hope is always that you can have everything where your home base is. You don't want to have to chase it elsewhere and we don't want to have to leave the state to get what we deserve," Mosburg said.

The mayor's support did not go unrecognized by Frank Dennis and his partner Darren Chittick.

"Someone in government is saying yes, your love is equal to everyone else's. You are an adult, intelligent citizen of the nation and you should have the same rights as all other adult, intelligent citizens," Dennis said.

Friday's event marked the second annual Sharing the Love: Group Vow Renewal Ceremony . One couple said they enjoyed it so much that they will be back next year.

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