Mayor of Peru, Ind., wants armed guards in city's five schools

Mayor: 'No town is safe'

PERU, Ind. - An Indiana mayor is pledging his support to place armed officers in the city's schools.

Peru Mayor Jim Walker made the announcement during Monday night's State of the City address.

Walker's administration, along with the Peru Community Schools Superintendent Charles Brimbury, are trying to find the funding the pay for five armed guards at five Peru schools.

Walker and Brimbury are proposing a plan to use recently retired and off-duty law enforcement officers to work as guards -- so-called “school resource officers” -- at Peru’s high school, middle school and three elementary schools.

The school resource officers would be in uniform and armed.

Brimbury's executive secretary told RTV6 the goal is to have one officer per building.

The school board would need to approve the measure, and it'll be taken up at the Feb. 11 meeting.

The officers would be paid with money from the school system, though the system is still looking for ways to fund the proposal.

At one time, Peru schools had one officer who handled security for all five schools, but funding for the position ran out.

Walker said he wants Peru schools to be secure, because he thinks what happened in Newtown, Conn., could take place anywhere.

“No town is safe at this point,” Walker told RTV6.

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