Milan 54 Museum raising funds to buy collection of 'Hoosiers' movie items

Collection includes 100 items

MILAN, Ind. - The Milan 54 Museum is trying to boost its inventory of exhibit items by purchasing collectibles from the movie "Hoosiers," but there's a deadline to get that done, and it's fast approaching.

The museum is trying to purchase 100 collectibles from that film, including perspiration-stained uniforms.

It is the largest collection of the movie's props and paraphernalia.

"It's imperative that over the next 60 days that we raise about $40,000 to help complete the purchase of these artifacts, or else they will most likely be pieced out individually and sold to individual collectors and be gone forever," said Tim Molinari, the museum's development director.

This is the 25th anniversary of the movie "Hoosiers," which models its story after Milan's historic run. 

Gene White, 77, was the starting center on Milan's championship winning team.

"It was a good movie," White said. "It's a good historic item. The biggest thing from it probably gives the onlookers the idea that nothing is impossible, even though it seems so."

The museum has until March 31 to purchase the movie collection. 

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