Mittens the cat rescued after nearly a week stuck 70 feet up in Bloomington tree

Tree climber comes to the rescue

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - Mittens the cat is recovering after spending nearly a week stuck 70 feet up in a tree.

Heather Clinger, of Bloomington, took in the stray last month, but the black and white kitty escaped last week, winding up nervously pacing a tight rope of branches high above.

"We've been trying since last week to get her," Clinger said. "We tried the cat food, the kitten treats, (calling) 'Kitty, kitty, and calling the animal shelter."

But the area animal shelter doesn't have equipment to climb trees, and the Bloomington Fire Department couldn't get its equipment close enough to reach Mittens.

A number of tree climbers tried to rescue the cat, but came down empty-handed.

That's when Brady Gilliham with Soaring Eagle Horticulture stepped up, spending hours Tuesday climbing up to Mittens' perch.

"It felt nice. I imagined my daughters, like if it was their cat, so it was pretty easy to stay up there until she came (to me)," he said.

Mittens was cold, tired and hungry, but otherwise, she's expected to be OK. She was being checked out at an area vet Wednesday.

Clinger is glad the cat is safe.

"Brady is my hero," she said. "He has a special place in my heart."

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