Bloomington takes down signs seeking Spierer info

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - City crews in Bloomington have taken down 20 large signs seeking information about the disappearance of missing Indiana University student Lauren Spierer.

Volunteers put up the signs, asking for information on Spierer, two years ago. The signs scattered across the city came down last week in a decision by Mayor Mark Kruzan.

While some thought the decision to remove the signs was overdue, others thought the signs should have stayed.

Bloomington officials said the signs were removed in an effort to balance the community interests and input.

Posters about Spierer can still be found throughout the community and police are still investigating.

Adam Wason, Communications Director for the City of Bloomington, released the following statement Monday:

The decision to remove the signs around the community was an effort to balance many and varied community interests and input.

For the many people who have felt the signs should have been taken down long ago, it's long overdue.  For those who believe they should remain in place, no time was right to remove them.

The signs were initially put in place by volunteers two years ago.

Our initial intention was to remove them after IU graduation last May. But local firefighters then decided to renovate the volunteers' signs in April, so a decision was made to wait another six months, which was last week.

No disrespect is intended nor does it reflect any loss of interest in the case. The community has been very engaged in the case and will remain so.  Posters about the case remain up throughout the campus and community, including in city government buildings, and police agencies continue to actively investigate.

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