Mom sentenced for neglect after infant son was fatally beaten by boyfriend

Taylor given 10-year sentence

INDIANAPOLIS - Chelsea Taylor’s ex-boyfriend is already serving time in prison for killing her 1-year-old son, and on Friday, she was sentenced for allowing the crime to happen.

Jayden Noel died from multiple blunt force traumatic injuries to his head in January of 2012.

Ryan Worline was sentenced to 55 years in prison for administering the blows that caused the child’s death. He cared for Noel while his then-girlfriend, 23-year-old Taylor, was at work.

Prosecutors said Taylor knew Worline despised the child.

"She was aware that he struggled to be near her son. He hated him with a passion. Yet she didn't do anything to save him or improve his life," Deputy Prosecutor Courtney Curtis said.

Taylor submitted a photo album into evidence to demonstrate to the judge the depth of her love for Noel.

"Have mercy on me. Thank you for everything you have done in this case to get justice for my son," Taylor said in her comments before the judge.

In his closing arguments, Taylor’s attorney, David Page, asked the judge not to give her prison time. He said she has suffered more than most of the defendants and she will go through the rest of her life second guessing herself.

Taylor could have received up to 40 years in prison, but the judge gave her a 10-year sentence, including four years in prison and six years on home detention, plus five years of probation, for neglect of a dependent.

Noel’s father had asked the judge to give Taylor a 30-year sentence and was disappointed by the outcome.

"My son did lose his life because of her. Now she gets a chance at life, which is totally unfair," Jerraco Noel said.

Just prior to sentencing Taylor, the judge told her that she wasn’t an awful person, but she failed to be the last line of defense for her son.

The judge said in the future she would consider a sentence modification if Taylor accepted more responsibility.

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