Montpelier police officer cleared in fatal shooting of pit bull named Ozzy

Family says officers need more training

MONTPELIER, Ind. - The police shooting and killing of a family’s pit bull named “Ozzy” is prompting an angry response from the dog’s owner and animal lovers.

On April 21, Special Police Officer Chad Blakely responded to a call about a vicious dog running at large in the city of Montpelier.
According to city documents provided to Call 6 Investigator Kara Kenney, the white dog was acting aggressively and Blakely tried chemical spray before shooting and killing the dog.         
But according to a necropsy report  provided by White, a veterinarian who examined Ozzy found no chemical irritation or burns.
“I have never seen my dog aggressive,” said White. “Dogs are a part of the family they’re not some wild animal, they’re a part of your family and you have to tell your children something as horrifying as that, it is heartbreaking.”
White said Ozzy got out of the yard after kids accidentally unlocked the gate to their fence.
According to White, the officer shot Ozzy once, causing the dog to drag himself away until a second shot was fired.
“(The first shot) did not break his back and he most likely would have had a full recovery from it,” said White. “Ozzy was crawling away from him onto the sidewalk and the officer went up and took the second shot.”
A Facebook page supporting White and Ozzy has garnered more than 1,700 likes and comments from concerned animal lovers from around the country.
The city released its investigation Thursday, clearing the police officer of any wrongdoing.
“This incident has raised some important issues and the Montpelier Police Department will review their procedures and policies with regard to future animal control issues,” read the statement released from the mayor’s office. “This was not the first time that this same dog had escaped from its owner and terrorized the neighbors.”
The City of Montpelier is referring the matter to Indiana State Police to determine what charges, if any, might be referred to the Blackford County Prosecutor.
“It is indeed unfortunate the owner could not keep the dog restrained as required and the dog had to suffer the consequences,” read the statement from the mayor’s office.

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