Moose rams snowmobiler, another moose injured by a snowmobiler

GRAND LAKE, Colo. - Wildlife experts are asking snowmobilers to be on the lookout and avoid wildlife after one moose got hit and another moose attacked a snowmobiler.

Last weekend, Colorado wildlife officers received a report of a severely injured moose calf lying on a snowmobile trail.

"The calf had two broken front legs and officers suspect that it might have been struck by a snowmobile," according to Colorado Parks and Wildlife. "Due to the extent of the injuries, the calf had to be killed by officers to end it’s suffering."

The moose calf was injured just days after two snowmobilers shot video of a moose attacking a snowmobiler near Grand Lake.

In the video played on the TV show, Right This Minute, a large moose is seen blocking the snowy, forest path.

When the first snowmobiler went by the moose, the moose rammed the snowmobile. While the snowmobiler was waiting down the trail, the moose started running after him. The snowmobiler got away.

See the video below. Mobile users click here:

Colorado Parks & Wildlife said anyone that chases wildlife on a snowmobile will be fined.

"If you encounter a wild animal while snowmobiling, stop immediately, keep your distance and let the animals move away on their own," officials said. "If it's a moose you see on the trail, remember that they do not fear humans and cannot be forced to move along. Wait for it to wander off or seek an alternate route."

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