Mother holds candlelight vigil for one year anniversary of son's death, family holds out hope

Grieving mom seeks justice for murdered son

INDIANAPOLIS - One mother has rallied her community with hope of finding answers in her son’s unsolved murder.

Police found Je’mel Gant fatally shot and stuffed in a trashcan nearly one year ago.

Gant’s mother, Lula Smith, gathered with friends and family for a prayer vigil in honor of her late son Sunday evening.

The community lit candles to represent their hope of finding answers.

"Help us maybe find who done this to our loved one, he was special and he was loved by a lot of people," said Smith.

One year ago, many of the same supporters visited Washington Boulevard for a different purpose.

They walked the streets looking for Gant when police sent notice the 32-year-old was possibly in danger.

Police said Gant had disappeared with gambling winnings and police later found his body in a trashcan.

"Who would be so cold first to shoot another human being, and secondly to put him in a dumpster? He didn't deserve that," said Smith.

Smith still feels the pain from Gant’s unsolved death.

"What was his last thought? Did he think of me or his children? What was his last thought? It hurts so bad, whoever did this, it hurts so bad," cried Smith.

Gant’s family has not given up hope in solving his murder.

"I just want the killer to know we're not going to forget. Until you turn yourself in or until you're found, we're still going to do this and we're still going to remember him," said Tamika Gant-Beeler, Gant’s cousin.

Gant was a father to five children.

Call CRIME STOPPERS at 262-TIPS with information on Je'mel Gant's murder.

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