Muncie family foils Christmas Eve burglars

MUNCIE, Ind. - A Muncie family came home from a party Christmas Eve to an unwelcoming site – two strangers apparently burglarizing their home.

The story took an unusual twist, though, when the family blocked the would-be burglars' exit and held them until police arrived.

"It's like a scary movie," said Austin Durke, whose family's home was hit by the burglars. "Seeing someone standing inside your house. You know they are robbing your house. You have no control over what is happening."

Later, the 18-year-old would learn that the people inside his home were Dustin Samuels, 30, and Tina Lofton, 32. The pair is now charged with two counts of felony burglary after the family foiled their plans.

"They kept going from window to window to try to escape," said Muncie PD Detective Kyle Monroe. "The family kept going to different windows they were trying to escape from. Eventually, the male subject decided he was going to make a break for it and dove through the window and landed in the backyard."

That's when, police said, Durke and other family members captured Samuels and Lofton and held them until officers could arrive.

Lofton was reportedly very upset at the situation.

"She asked to be let go because the family was 'ruining her Christmas,'" Monroe said.

"I couldn't believe she had the audacity to say that," Durke said. "She was pleading that she would pay for any damages, just to let her go. My aunt said, 'You ruined our Christmas.'"

Police said the duo also hit a house two doors down. Samuel was reportedly found with the checkbook of the owner of that house in his pocket when he was arrested. Police also recovered a backpack from Samuels that was filled with "burglary tools," including a crowbar.

Samuels and Lofton were being held without bond. Prosecutors have until Jan. 3 to file formal charges.

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