Murder suspect's probation officer resigns

Officer criticised for not acting on violations

INDIANAPOLIS - The probation officer of murder suspect Simeon Adams has resigned his post, according to a Marion County judge.

Marion Superior Court Judge David Certo confirmed that Adams' probation officer, Tracy McDonald, had resigned this week.

McDonald's resignation follows criticism that he allowed Adams to remain out of jail despite multiple probation violations.

Adams has been charged in the April 1 shooting death of 24-year-old Nathan Trapuzzano .

Court documents show that Adams, only 16, already has an extensive criminal history dating back as far as 2007. Over the past six years he has been charged with 29 serious and violent crimes -- for which he spent only 50 days behind bars.

Adams and another man are accused of stealing several firearms last month from C & C Midwest Firearms  in Clermont. Investigators said Adams used a stolen gun in Trapuzzano's shooting.

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