NE Ind. teen credited with pulling boy from fire

KENDALLVILLE, Ind. - A northeastern Indiana teenager is being credited for breaking a window and pulling a 5-year-old neighbor boy from a burning home.

Lisa Shepherd tells The News Sun that she smelled smoke inside her Kendallville mobile home Monday night but couldn't get her son Damion out of her bedroom after he apparently locked the door. Shepherd says she ran to a neighbors' home for help and 15-year-old Kevin Williams immediately dashed out.

Williams tells WANE-TV he punched the bedroom window twice to break it and pulled Damion from the smoke-filled room as fast as he could. Damion had some scratches, while Williams sprained his wrist and cut his hand.

The fire was quickly extinguished, but Kendallville Fire Chief Mike Riehm says Williams' actions prevented possibly worse injuries to Damion.

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