Neighborhod watch curbs Columbus crime

COLUMBUS, Ind. - A group of Columbus residents say they are tired of seeing crime increase in their neighborhood, and they've formed a neighborhood watch program to deal with it.

Leading the way is Sheryl Nulph, a lifelong Columbus resident. Encouraged by Columbus police a month ago, Nulph and nearly 80 of her neighbors began to attend neighborhood watch meetings after watching theft and vandalism rise in their community.

"[There was] just a lot of activity that doesn't belong in any neighborhood, and we especially didn't want it in ours," Nulph said.

On Wednesday, as the watch group was meeting, police said three police broke into a work trailer just blocks away. The thieves were trying to steal thousands of dollars' worth of tools.

They were thwarted, police said, by the actions of a concerned citizen.

Three suspects were seen walking  near 15th and Pearl Street with bolt cutters in their hands. A woman who was out walking her dog thought they looked suspicious, and picked up her phone to call police. The detailed description she gave authorities helped them quickly place the men in handcuffs.

The woman declined to be interviewed for this story, but police said she did everything right.

"One-hundred percent of these arrests and stopping this burglary from occurring was the result of community involvement, and specifically the complainant calling in," according to Columbus PD Lt. Matt Myers.

With the recent formation of this and other neighborhood watch programs, Columbus police said they expect to see an overall decrease in crime in the coming months.

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