Neighborhood Market Walmart, more retails stores coming to NE Indy

Walmart, more stores planned for NE Indy

INDIANAPOLIS - The blighted and decaying Windridge Shopping Center will soon disappear from the landscape of Indy's northeast side to make way for a new Walmart.

Developers say a Neighborhood Market Walmart and other retail stores will be built on the site. The last grocery store there was O'Malia's which closed four years ago.

Millersville at Fall Creek Valley President Cac Diehr said Walmart will be good for the area near 56th Street and Emerson Way.  

"I think Walmart is prefect for us. The Walmart Neighborhood Market stores are designed to fit the neighborhood they are in. They are not like your big-box superstores. They will have architecture. They will carry the food the neighbors really want. I think they are the answer," Diehr said.

Reaction to the plan is mixed. Resident Sharon Tranbarger said she misses having a grocery store, but she's not one of Walmart's biggest fans.

"I used to shop here for so many years with O'Malia's.  I miss having a grocery store real close, but I'm not real crazy about Walmart being there," Tranbarger said.

Resident Carolyn Betts welcomed the change.

"If they are going to give something back and they are really going to revitalize the neighborhood I think it's great," Betts said.

After the Walmart is built other retail stores will be built including restaurants. There will be enhanced landscaping and a retaining wall will be constructed to prevent a nearby retention pond from flooding, as it has in the past.

Developers said demolition could begin in 60 to 90 days and the grocery store could be open for business by the end of 2014.

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