Neighbors mourn friend Anthony Hicks, killed in ConAgra shooting

Hicks left behind kids, grandkids

INDIANAPOLIS - Anthony Hicks was a husband, father and longtime employee of ConAgra Foods, but his life was cut short Friday.

Police said Hicks was gunned down in the company's break room by his co-worker Alfonzo Laws.

"It just killed me to know that one of my neighbors got killed so violently. I never had anyone die like that," said Hicks' neighbor Samantha Carver.

Hicks neighbors say when they heard about the shooting at ConAgra, they waited with their breath held, before Hicks' wife confirmed their fears.

"I wasn't that tough that morning, I mean, my heart dropped," said neighbor Jim Carver.

"I literally broke down and started crying, and I said, 'Please, I can't believe that your children are about to be without a father. They don't have a dad now, and what is your daughter going to do because she's 10?' And they have an older daughter with kids, now his grandchildren are not going to grow up and see their granddad," said Samantha Carver.

The Department of Labor’s latest numbers show last year eight Hoosiers were murdered at work.

Lawmaker Ed DeLaney said a new "take your gun to work" law isn't helping.

"Employers have great enforcement mechanisms, because people don't want to be fired," DeLaney said. "They value their job so workers come to a place first expecting safety and secondly expecting to obey the rules, so you would expect for most people, they would keep their gun away from work if their employer told them to."

ConAgra Foods statement reads, "We are saddened by this tragic event. Our hearts go out to all those affected, particularly to the families and friends of those killed. We are committed to maintaining a safe work environment and strictly enforce a workplace violence policy.”

IMPD said Laws, who has no recent criminal history, shot himself after he shot Hicks.

Both men leave behind families, including young children.

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