New area code 930 coming to southern Indiana to supplement 812 numbers

Overlay will meet need for new numbers

INDIANAPOLIS - A new area code is coming to southern Indiana as numbers run out for the existing area code.

The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission said Wednesday that the new area code, 930, will overlay areas that are in the 812 area code.

Bloomington, Columbus and Terre Haute are included in the cities that will have both area codes moving forward.

The new area code is being added because there is a shortage of numbers in the 812 area.

As a result, callers in the 812 and 930 zone will have to use the full 10-digit number to connect from now on.

"At the end of the day, it all comes down to education and making sure this transition is as smooth as possible," IURC Commissioner Larry Landis said in a statement.

The new area code will be assigned to new numbers for both landline and cellular phones.

It will take 13 months for the overlay to go into effect, the IURC said.

The 812 area code had been in place in the same geographic area of Indiana since 1947, while other area codes in the state had been split to accommodate more numbers.

The IURC projected that the 930 and 812 area codes will be enough to fulfill the need in southern Indiana for 71 years.

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