New Ind. laws on immunizing, criminal records take effect July 1

Confusion produced long lines Monday

INDIANAPOLIS - New Indiana laws taking effect Monday allow pharmacists to offer more immunizations and let people convicted of most felonies and misdemeanors to petition to have their record expunged if they haven't re-offended in several years.

The new immunization law allows pharmacists to inoculate against pneumonia, tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis, HPV infections, and meningitis. It also lowers the age limit of those receiving vaccines from pharmacists to 11.

Indiana State Department of Health chief medical officer Dr. Joan Duwve said the state had been looking for ways to expand access to immunizations for several years, the Journal Gazette reported.

The criminal record law means expunged convictions would no longer show up in public records. Some expungings will be automatic, others up to a judge's discretion, and some need approval from prosecutors.

The law that took effect today only provides for an arrest to be blocked from public view, but not from law enforcement, and only if there was no conviction.

It exempts murder, serious assault cases and most sex offenses. There was confusion because some people thought they only had one day to block those records from public view.

"I believe some people are under the understanding that you could only file those on July 1, and that's not the case. July 1 is just when the law has gone into effect. Moving forward from here, from here forward, we will accept those filings," said Clerk's Chief of Staff Scott Hohl.

People who hope to take advantage of the new law should also know it now requires a filing fee of $141.

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