New Orleans implementing tips learned from Indianapolis Super Bowl

New Orleans using 'Super Bowl Village' concept

INDIANAPOLIS - In less than two weeks, New Orleans will host its 10th Super Bowl, but the city will be taking a few pages from Indianapolis’ play book.

The Big Easy will implement something similar to Indy’s Super Bowl Village.

“New Orleans has done a similar concept they’ve called the Super Bowl Boulevard,” said Dianna Boyce of the 2012 Super Bowl Host Committee. “I certainly think that’s an impact from Indianapolis.”

Boyce told RTV6 reporter Kara Kenney New Orleans’ “Geaux Green” initiative is very similar to Indy’s “First in Green” environmental initiative.

“We went all out, all in, and the world was duly impressed,” said Boyce.

This time last year, New Orleans representatives were in Indianapolis to get some pointers from the Circle City.

Boyce said New Orleans and 2014 host New York are still calling her for advice.

“That concept, that mentoring, is something we continue to do for future Super Bowls as well,” said Boyce.

As Indy’s Super Bowl legacy lives on in other cities, Indianapolis is still very much in the game to host another one.

Allison Melangton, president of the Indiana Sports Corp, will travel to New Orleans Jan. 30.

Under the direction of the Indiana Sports Corp, Indianapolis will bid on the 2018 Super Bowl and has to submit by May 2014.

“I’ll be (in New Orleans) to make sure all the other cities and the NFL know we’re serious about bidding for 2018 and that we want to be kept in the loop on any changes and updates with the Super Bowl,” said Melangton.

Melangton could face stiff competition from other cities like Charlotte, Seattle, Denver and Minneapolis.

“I think we have good chances or we wouldn’t bid,” said Melangton. “We’re keeping an eye on Minneapolis because they’re building a new stadium and they’re a cold weather destination.”

Melangton said San Francisco, Miami and Houston are bidding on the 2016 and 2017 Super Bowls and whoever does not get picked could be competition for Indianapolis in 2018.

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