Policy: Citizens can record police activity

Policy stems from settlement in civil rights suit

INDIANAPOLIS - A new policy recognizes citizens' right to record Indianapolis police officers' actions during traffic stops, detentions and arrests, WIBC reports .

The policy was part of a $200,000 settlement of a federal civil rights lawsuit filed against the City of Indianapolis.

Attorney Richard Waples told WIBC the suit stemmed from the February 2011 arrest of his client Willie King, who was arrested for videotaping police arresting a young man in his neighbor's driveway.

At the time, 66-year-old King was concerned police may have been abusive to the person they were arresting, Waples said.

Police confiscated King's phone, threw him to the ground and injured his shoulder, all in violation of his First Amendment and Fourth Amendment rights, the lawsuit alleged.

The case was set to go to trial March 10 prior to the settlement being reached.

Waples told WIBC the settlement benefits citizens and police, because it'll lead to less abuse of citizens and protect police from unfounded allegations of abuse.

The policy requires people who videotape police scenes to keep a safe and reasonable distance while also not getting physically involved in the activity.

An IMPD spokesman says they cannot comment at this time.

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