New smart wristwatch for kids acts as emergency phone, GPS

Watch for children as young as 5

INDIANAPOLIS - Any parent who has ever lost a child at a mall, zoo or sporting event -- even for just a few minutes -- knows the sheer terror that can go through your mind, but now there is a new device on store shelves in central Indiana that could give parents peace of mind.

The device is called the FiLiP. It was developed by a dad in Europe after he lost his son Filip briefly in a busy mall.

The smart locator wristwatch, with built-in GPS, is designed for kids as young as five. Although the product has only just arrived at AT&T store shelves in central Indiana, it's already sparking interest among parents.

"You can program up to five contacts for your child to be able to call and that can call into the device as well," AT&T assistant store manager Kasey Edwards said. "It basically will be able to track where your child is at all times and also give you a two-way communication back and forth with your child. You can also send text messages to the device. Not from, but to the device. So if you wanted to say, 'Mom's on her way,' you could send that to the wristwatch."

To 7-year-old Keyon, the device is a good-looking watch, but to his mom it is a comfort because it gives a time stamp, a date stamp and it tells her exactly where he is.

Keyon knows the device is only for emergencies. With just two buttons, it's easy to operate.

He can call one of his five pre-programmed numbers or push an emergency button so the phone will automatically start dialing every contact until someone answers.

An app allows for more supervision, even at a distance.

"You've got safe zones that you can add in here. So if you want to know when your child has reached home, if you want to know when they've reached school or maybe grandma's house, friend's house, you can add safe zones in there and it will alert you to let you know when that has happened," Edwards said.

The cost of a FiLiP smart locator wristwatch is $199 and the app is free. It will cost about $10 to add the device to a current plan, but AT&T is offering a $100 credit for every FiLiP purchased.

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