Nick Goepper: Olympic heartthrob picks the winner of his "Go On A Dream Date With Nick" contest

It's fun to watch Nick Goepper hold a "Win A Dream Date with Nick" contest.



Have fun in New York, kids.

But what about all the girls who didn't win? What about the guys who wish girls would create music videos to win a date with them?


What about everybody who's not a 19-year-old Olympic medal-winning skier?

That's easy: Have a "Be Nick Goepper" contest.

Imagine all the fun you'd have.

You could ski on the snow-covered brickyard at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. (Don't be surprised if he comes back in May to drive the Corvette pace car).

Hang out with the governor of your state.

Run into icy Lake Michigan without a shirt on when it's 5 degrees at the annual Chicagoland benefit for Special Olympics.

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