No arrests yet in deadly hit-and-run that killed 63-year-old Kathleen Clark

Police searching for light-colored, damaged F150

INDIANAPOLIS - There have been no arrests in Monday's deadly hit-and-run that killed a woman, but police are hoping to get clues from surveillance video.

The video, obtained from the Thirsty Turtle bar, shows a person walking southbound on Meridian Street toward Troy Avenue.

Investigators believe the person shown walking in the video is Kathleen Clark, 63, who was found dead in a grassy area near the street Monday.

The video shows a truck approaching where the person was walking.

The bartender and her husband can be seen taking a smoke break just outside the bar, and when the truck struck something, the couple quickly looks over to see what happened.

"They were paying attention to each other and not paying attention to across the street until they heard the boom," said Louise Liford, the owner of the Thirsty Turtle. "They thought the truck had hit a box or something. They turned and looked and seen the truck. They said to each other, what did he hit? But they didn't pay any attention… They had no idea."

Police are looking for a 1997-2004, light-colored Ford F150 pickup truck with a camper shell. The truck will have right passenger side damage, specifically a missing or broken right headlight.

"We welcome that partnership with the public. We are asking anyone to come forward (and) contact our hit-and-run detectives a 327-6541," said Metro officer Mike Hewitt. "If you want to remain anonymous you can contact Crime Stoppers at 262-TIPS."

Liford said the hit-and-run driver must not have a conscience. She said to do what he or she did, is as low as one can go.

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