No charges filed against Avon High School students in nude-picture investigation

AVON, Ind. - Officials have determined no criminal charges will be filed against Avon High School students accused of sharing inappropriate pictures on social media.

Avon authorities seized more than a dozen mobile devices to determine what happened and if any laws were broken after students were reported to have been exchanging nude pictures through phones and mobile devices.

The cellphones and mobile devices were confiscated from students so detectives could analyze the electronic images.

"As a result of the actions taken by the Avon Community School Corporation and the totality of the facts and circumstances surrounding the final analysis of the devices and interviews, no criminal charges will be filed at this time," officials with the Avon Police Department said in a statement.

Police said all inappropriate images were removed from the mobile devices and those devices were returned to legal guardians.

All parties involved in the investigation were cooperative with officials and helped in the investigation, police said.

"We encourage all parents, teachers, community leaders, and role models to become aware of the social media capabilities of modern technology. We also encourage students and parents to discuss the importance of using social media and smartphone devices responsibly," police said in the statement.

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