Noblesville coach releases apology for throwing ball at student

NOBLESVILLE, Ind. - Noblesville High School's head basketball coach apologized Saturday for throwing a ball at a student this week.

Head Coach David McCollough released a statement Saturday afternoon after a planned news conference was canceled due to illness.

"An incident occurred at basketball practice earlier this week in which, out of frustration during a drill, I threw a basketball and the ball hit a player," McCollough said. "My actions were unacceptable, and I greatly regret that I allowed this to happen. I am sorry and publicly apologize to my players, families, and fans. This is not the behavior that I want to model for my players, and it will not happen again."

Noblesville Schools Public Relations Director Sharon Trisler said the high school had investigated the incident, but didn't elaborate further.

"This is a personnel matter and no further information will be released by the athletic department, the high school, or Noblesville Schools," Trisler said in a press release.

In April of last year, an unsigned letter was sent to the Noblesville community accusing McCollough of subjecting players to a demeaning and negative coaching style that expected players to perform "slave labor."

A number of individuals from the Noblesville and athletics communities rallied to McCollough's defense.

"Dave McCollough is more than a basketball coach," said Tricia Theisen, whose son played for McCollough. "He treats these boys and makes them men."

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