Noblesville teen on cruise ship reunited with parents

Brianna Adkins, 18, got cruise for graduation gift

NOBLESVILLE, Ind. - A graduation present turned into a nightmare for a Noblesville teen who was aboard that drifting cruise ship in the Gulf of Mexico.

The disabled ship finally reached port in Alabama late Thursday night.

"I feel excited to be on land," said Brianna Adkins, 18. "I kissed it when I first got off."

Brianna's parents, Rusty and Beth Adkins, drove from their Noblesville home to greet their daughter when the ship finally limped into the port of Mobile.

"I wanted to be there for her, take care of her as dads are supposed to do," Rusty Adkins said. "I wasn't able to do that, so when I was able to see her, what a great feeling."

The cruise was a graduation present for Brianna who was along with her aunt. Back in Noblesville, her family has a lot of questions and concerns.

"Things can happen, but I think there should be measures," said Carissa Tanton, Brianna's aunt, who was not on the ship. "They know that fires can happen, so what is their plan? If a fire happens in the middle of the ocean, what was their plan? Did they have a plan?"

Passengers describe deplorable conditions after days of listing on the ship without electricity or working toilets, although most passengers praised the job performed by the crew.

Tanton describes days of fear and uncertainty for families who watched the ordeal unfold on TV.

"They were pretty hard," Tanton said. "My mom got physically sick because she was worried. It's her daughter, my sister. But we have a lot of faith and we believed god would take care of them."

Family members say they don't believe that Brianna's parents will take legal action against the cruise line.

The Adkinses are expected to stay in Mobile for a couple of days before returning home to Noblesville.

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