Norman Cox retires Friday after 37 years at RTV6

Cox started at RTV6 in 1976

INDIANAPOLIS - His domain has been the Statehouse, so he could bring important news, to each viewer's house.

Day in, and day out, Cox has kept tabs on Indiana's government and governors, for 37 years. 

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Now retired, photographer Ralph Grant showed Cox the ropes back in 1976, and he noticed something from the beginning.

"He wouldn't report a story unless he had all the facts," Grant said. "If he didn't have the facts, he'd dig until he got them. He was very good about being very accurate and very honest about his reporting."

Reid Duffy preceded Cox as RTV6's Statehouse reporter, and he speaks highly about the Norman era.

"The Legislature in particular and the Statehouse in general is very complex to be covering and to present to the viewers. Norm did it about as well as anyone as it pertains to the clarity of his writing, his insight, and his quick take on just about everything that comes up in the legislature," Duffy said.

Cox is defined by his Ohio roots. He is an Ohio State University graduate, and he has owned season tickets for the Cleveland Browns and attended all their home games during the entire time he has lived in Indianapolis.

But back in 1986, his allegiance to his football teams conflicted with his coverage of Governor Robert Orr's trip to China and Japan.

"We were missing two football weekends," Grant recalls. "Norman had to make arrangements to tape the Cleveland Browns games and the Ohio State games, not just with one person, but with several people, so that he would be sure someone would have the game completely on tape."

Assisting Norman on his journalistic journey has been Kathy, his wife of 43 years, and his son Jeff, who is an attorney.

Both attended a ceremony last week, in which Norman was honored as a Distinguished Hoosier by Gov. Mike Pence.

"This is very, very stunning," Cox said. "Thank you so much."

"Distinguished," "detailed" and "determined" are words that only begin to describe a man we at RTV6 have been proud to call our Statehouse reporter.

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