NRA convention: Palin inside, moms group outside

While the NRA convention has drawn an estimated 70,000 people to downtown Indianapolis this weekend, it's also drawn polarizing figures from both sides of the gun debate.
Just a few blocks from the convention center, a group called Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America called for sensible gun reform – urging the NRA to support universal background checks.
Among the speakers in support of their endeavor was Erica Lafferty, whose mother was the principal of Sandy Hook Elementary gunned down trying to protect her students.
"There's nothing that anyone can do to bring my mom back, but if I can help just one person from feeling the pain that I feel each day, my life will be successful," Lafferty said.
Inside the convention center, former Alaska governor Sarah Palin told conventioneers that 30 times as many Americans registered for a gun license than those who signed up for the Affordable Care Act.
"Thank you, NRA, for having the heart, the passion, the guts to fight for what is right," Palin said. "For standing and fighting for America. God bless you."
The theme for this year's convention is "Stand and Fight" – a message echoed by the NRA's own willingness to threaten lawmakers and mobilize voters to protect gun owners' rights.
It was a message likely received in friendly territory this weekend, as, while the NRA doesn't release state-level membership numbers, the organization says there are probably hundreds of thousands of card-carrying members in Indiana.
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