Nursery businesses in bloom as spring arrives

The warm holiday weekend weather has people out and about shopping for supplies.
Hardware stores and nurseries told RTV6's Kara Kenney they’re slammed with business today, which was more than welcome after such a snowy and cold winter.
 “It’s just wonderful to have some warm weather,” said Jim Dammann, store manager of Dammann’s on Rockville Road. “It’s been a very, very long winter.”
The store was packed Saturday with people buying hanging baskets, mulch, potting soil, grass seed and some sturdier flowers.
"I love it,” said Kenny Jones, who purchased some geraniums. “I just want to plant them. It beats the snow.”
Dammann said he and customers are thrilled to see some color and green grass for a change.
"The next month and May, it’s our busiest time of year,” said Dammann.
 “It’s crazy weather, but today it’s warm,” said Laura Moreno as she left the store with a cart full of plants and flowers. “It’s a beautiful day to plant and do my garden.”
 “We’re starting out with some pansies because they’re pretty hardy; hopefully they’ll survive,” said Michael Sinsko of Indianapolis.
According to RTV6 meteorologist Kyle Mounce, we are past the date for Indy’s average last freeze, which is April 17th. The latest freeze on record is May 27th, 1961.
Dammann said people should wait a few weeks before planting bedding flowers, or at least have some frost covers on hand.
 “This is the most excellent time of year to get your trees and shrubs planted,” said Dammann. "Even if they get nipped by frost a little bit, they’re hearty enough to take it.”
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