Officer says he sniffed out raw pot in traffic

Two arrested for dealing, possession of marijuana

INDIANAPOLIS - A police officer’s keen sense of smell led to a felony marijuana bust in northwest Indianapolis on Saturday night.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officer said he smelled the heavy odor of raw marijuana, despite his windows being rolled up on his patrol car while driving near West 38th Street and Georgetown Road after 9 p.m.

The officer rolled his windows down as he was driving and the smell grew even more intense, prompting him to suspect the car driving in front of him.

That car had its license plate displayed incorrectly, so the officer wrote in his report that he pulled the car over near West 38th and Industrial Boulevard.  The officer wrote in his report, “As I approached the vehicle the odor of marijuana got stronger.”

Backup officers arrived and four men were told to step out of the car, all in their thirties.

Under the front passenger seat, the officer said he found a clear bag containing eight individual bags of suspected marijuana.

That quantity, and the bags being separated for individual sale, led to felony charges of marijuana dealing against Danny Brooks, 39, of the 4000-block of Sherlock Drive in northwest Indianapolis.  He was also charged with a misdemeanor count of possession of marijuana and driving with a suspended license.

The police report said he has a prior conviction involving marijuana.  Police said he admitted the bags of weed belonged to him, but later recanted and denied it.

Another man in the car, Wade Johnson, 34 of Broken Bow Trail, was booked on a charge of possession of marijuana after police said they found another baggie of pot in his pocket.

The other men in the car were released without charges, but police impounded the car.

Along with the 2.64 grams of suspected marijuana, police confiscated nearly $200 in cash.

Police are trained to detect the odor of marijuana, both when it is being smoked and when it has not yet been burned.

That same police training led officers to a sophisticated marijuana growing operation in Franklin, RTV6 reported earlier this month.

The police chief said one of his officers happened to stop a car at the “right place, right time” as the distinctive odor of raw marijuana was wafting out of a warehouse on Eastview Drive.  Officers followed their noses and obtained a search warrant, where they found more than 388 marijuana plants being kept alive with intricate pumps, grow lights, and an irrigation system.

No one has been arrested as police were unable to determine who owns the property or who set up the growing operation.


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