Officials move to condemn Lawrence apartments

35 families must find new homes

LAWRENCE, Ind. - Officials are giving residents days to clear out of dilapidated apartments that they say are not fit to live in.

Lawrence Township officials said the 42 Place Studios apartment complex is not just an eyesore, but it is unhealthy and dangerous.

The apartments that are located on the border of Indianapolis and Lawrence on 42nd Street contained mold, trash, boarded windows and bugs that could be seen and smelled.

35 families call the apartment complex  home, but officials made the decision to shut the apartments down.

“Some of these units are just totally unfit for human habitation. Truthfully, it’s probably going to be scheduled for demolition,” Mayor Jean Jessup said.

Residents have 30 days to find somewhere else to live. Many people said if it were that easy, they wouldn’t be living there in the first place.

"It's hard because I have to have a downstairs apartment for her because she is in a wheelchair and she has medical conditions and everything," resident Sarah Nuckols said.

People familiar with the building said those with past evictions, criminal records or disabilities end up at the complex after being turned away from other places.

Marion County officials said they were moving toward condemning the apartments when the out-of-town owner simply abandoned the property.

Lawrence and Indianapolis leaders toured the apartments and told the residents they would help them find a new place to live.

To apply for township assistance call (317) 890-0011 to schedule an appointment.

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