Omni Hotel employee accused of stealing iPad Mini from patron, selling it on Craigslist

Police: Man wore work uniform while selling device

INDIANAPOLIS - A police investigation has been launched after a woman bought an iPad Mini online, only to find out it was stolen from a downtown Indianapolis hotel.

Police said the suspected thief actually wore his hotel uniform when he showed up to sell the device a few blocks from the hotel.

The woman who bought the device for $200 told police she immediately became suspicious when the seller showed up to meet her wearing a uniform from the Omni Hotel.

She called the hotel on Monday to alert managers to her suspicions, and Indianapolis Metropolitan Police officers quickly took over the investigation.

Officers discovered that the iPad Mini had been stolen from a Wisconsin guest who was staying at the Omni Hotel off South Illinois Street, just a few blocks away from where the woman ended up buying it.

She told police she answered an ad on Craigslist, and police found the phone number listed in the ad belonged to a 25-year-old Omni Hotel employee.

The hotel guest told officers that she discovered the iPad Mini missing once she returned home to Wisconsin on Jan. 20. She said it could have been stolen from her room or from her luggage as she was checking in or checking out from the hotel.

In another twist, police said a second Omni Hotel employee apparently drove the suspected thief to the nearby meeting where the iPad was sold. 

When confronted by hotel managers, she admitted that she drove her co-worker to the meeting that night, but it was unclear whether she knew the trip involved stolen electronics.


Omni Hotel general manager Kevin Latone declined to answer questions about whether either employee has been disciplined or fired, saying it is still an ongoing investigation within the company.

"It's something that we would take very seriously," he said of any crime that affects hotel guests.

No charges were immediately filed, but police said their investigation was under way.

Police showed a photo lineup to the woman who bought the stolen device, and she confirmed that the Omni Hotel employee had sold it to her, officers wrote in their report. 

He could end up facing charges of receiving stolen property.

Call 6 Investigators attempted to locate the buyer and the Wisconsin victim, but they could not be reached.

The stolen iPad Mini was confiscated by police for use as evidence in future criminal proceedings.

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