Online retailers gear up for Cyber Monday holiday shopping with discounts, free shipping

Online deals start at midnight

INDIANAPOLIS - With Black Friday and Small Business Saturday out of the way, it's time for Cyber Monday's turn with holiday shoppers.

More than 120 million Americans are expected to shop online Monday, and retailers are looking to cash in once again.

Cyber Monday shoppers can expect to see up to 70 percent off some items and a lot of ads for free shipping, all from retailers hoping to satisfy shoppers' holiday shopping appetite.

"Originally Cyber Monday was identified because there was a real significant uptick in Internet sales on the Monday following Black Friday," said Richard Feinberg, a consumer sciences professor at Purdue University.

Retailers took notice and now they are trying to capitalize by offering some great online deals.

"Free shipping seem to be very magic words," said Feinburg.

Feinberg said online sales are growing at five times the rate of in-store sales and will likely amount to about 10 percent of all holiday buys this year. 

"They will find deals. Whether it's the deal that they want is another thing," he said. "They don't mind doing it. You know one of the myths of this whole thing is that consumers don't like this craziness. They do like this craziness."

With that craziness comes some security concerns.

Feinberg suggests playing it safe by shopping online with reputable, well-known companies and, instead of cash or checks by mail, pay with plastic.

"If you use a credit card you're generally well protected against anything, and your credit card company will stand up for you and refund your money if something goes wrong," he said.

According to the National Retail Federation, 85 percent of all retailers will have special Cyber Monday deals.

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