Orangutans wander from enclosure, damage web cam

INDIANAPOLIS - Two of the Indianapolis Zoo's new orangutans are apparently escape artists.

Zoo officials report the apes briefly got out of their primary enclosure Tuesday before zoo workers lured them back to their holding area.

IMAGES: Indianapolis Zoo International Orangutan Center

No employees or visitors were around at the time and the orangutans never had access to any public area, officials said.

Officials said 9-year-old Rocky and Knobi, a female that Rocky considers his adoptive mother, wandered off to "test the limits of their new space," as the zoo figured they would.

The pair found a web camera and damaged it. Zoo officials said it was not part of any sinister plan, the orangutans were just being "curious and clever."

According to the zoo’s website , Rocky is playful, requires a lot of attention and can sometimes be a bit of a pest.

Zoo officials said they knew immediately that the pair wandered from their primary holding area and knew where they were the entire time.

About 60 visitors at the zoo were kept in a dolphin exhibit until the apes were located.

The exhibit is larger than two NFL football fields and is scheduled to open to the public Memorial Day weekend.

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