Outreach groups concerned for city's homeless population

Dropping temperatures make dangerous conditions

INDIANAPOLIS - Local outreach groups went around the community Wednesday night to help the city’s homeless population survive the single-digit temperatures.

Volunteers with The PourHouse offered coats, sweatshirts and blankets to those without heat to help them manage the freezing conditions.

"It still is extremely dangerous especially if any of their articles get wet, their blankets or anything like that, throughout the night or if they become so cold that they think that they're OK but they're not," Andrea De Mink with The PourHouse said.

Volunteers also offered hot coffee for those who spend their time outside in the frigid conditions.

"A lot of these people out here shaking cups, some of them are scamming but are really homeless and it's hard being homeless," Derrick Lucket said.

Lucket said he has been homeless for five years.

"It's very hard being homeless. Nobody wants to be homeless. Jesus was homeless, but some people have misfortune and it could happen to anybody," Lucket said.

Volunteers with Wheeler Mission Ministries are making room for additional people who have come inside and out of the cold.

They said they are hoping to get fewer calls from emergency rooms with reports of lost limbs from frostbite.

Officials with Wheeler Mission said they will accept people all night. They will not turn anyone away in the below-freezing conditions.

Officials with the Department of Public Safety said authorities, along with mental health agencies and the humane society, began taking people from the homeless camps to the shelters earlier Wednesday morning.

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