Over 400 pounds of food grown by inmates at Pendleton Correctional Facility

Crops donated to local food bank

PENDLETON, Ind. - Inmates at the Pendleton Correctional Facility have produced more than 400 pounds of food to be donated through a prison gardening program.

The facility maintains two gardens – one inside and one outside the walls – under the direction of Phil Greenburg, the vocational horticulture instructor for Grace Community Education. The inside garden is tended to by maximum security offenders, and yielded 80 pounds of tomatoes and three pounds of peppers this year.

From the garden outside facility walls, Greenburg and his students were able to harvest 60 pounds of cucumbers, 39 pounds of green beans, 63 pounds of peppers, 113 pounds of zucchini and 47 pounds of summer squash.

Greenburg also oversees a year-round aquaponics project which has provided a food bank at the First United Methodist Church Ministries at Pendleton with 28 pounds of sweet basil, 192 pounds of Swiss chard, 130 pounds of fish and more than 700 pounds of lettuce since January of this year.

PCF Superintendent Dushan Zatecky said the partnership has worked out well between Greenburg and the facility.

"This has enabled our offenders to perform an outstanding community service while acquiring knowledge and skills that can be put to good use; both during their incarceration and upon their release from the facility," Zatecky said.

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